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FITZI - the new footwear fitting technology

We're passionate on helping each and every customer FIND THEIR FIT - whether it's the right fit for running shoes, walking shoes and every other footwear type is extremely important. 

Now the team at The Athlete’s Foot Maroochydore have launched FITZI – the revolutionised fitting technology from The Athlete’s Foot that’s been 2 years in the making. It makes fitting footwear even quicker, using state of the art technology.

Come down and check it out !

Cool features of FITZI:

-      The fitting technology now has three screens – 2D Dynamic pressure, Video and a Fitting screen. All three work together to give you an even better idea of your foot type and the best shoes for your feet

-      SEE yourself walking!   There's a state of the art rear camera that replays on the Ipad – The Athlete’s Foot Maroochydore team then can easily show you your walking style and assess it

-      The camera and pressure platform are synched – so not only do you get your walking style assessed, but the team also calculate where you place the most pressure when you walk/run

- After you've walked on the platform, the FIT technicians will download your data to their Ipad Mini, meaning you can sit down while you review your results, video and analysis, and even quicker than before.

The platform has revolutionised footwear fitting – and is made up of thousands of research grade sensors that assess the customers walking style through the pressure points. It’s the only platform to assess your walking style AND pressure – at the same time!

Come down and check it out in store at The Athlete’s Foot Maroochydore for your free fitting analysis on the new FITZI technology – and make sure you’ve got the right fit for all your footwear this season.

Fitzi analyses your pressure points and pronation at the same time, making it quicker than ever for your footwear type to be assessed in store.

The Athlete's Foot Fitting technicians analysis your FITZI result on new Apple Ipad Minis - showing you your video, pressure analysis and foot type review.

Provided  by:-

The Athlete's Foot - Maroochydore

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