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There are some wonderfully funny, uplifting success stories to come out of Lazy Runner, here are some of the latest updates on what we are up to at Lazy Runner...

Latest News- March 2010

Lazy Runners training for Gold Coast Marathon

Last week, over 100 Lazy Runners started their training programs for the Gold Coast Marathon events. They are training for the Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km event.

The training programs are 20 weeks long so there will be many hundreds of kilometers run over those weeks. Most of the runners train 3-4 days a week with the Lazy Runner Clubs

Training for distance events is hard, long and boring so it makes it so much more fun and interesting to train with a group.

Lazy Runner does Vegas!!

The Lazy (or some say crazy) coach of Lazy Runner is working her way around the globe, tying to run a  marathon on every contintent.

Marie, the owner/operator of the the successful Lazy Runner running clubs across South East Queensland, is frantically training for her sixth continent, North America.

She is planning to run the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon on December 6th. Although, she is not looking forward to the long 42km of running, she is excited about going to Vegas and getting caught up in the excitement of the world's glitziest city.

The organisers of the Vegas marathon have put a call out for all Elvis' to turn up in full costume, and run. The plan is to get into the Guiness Book of Records for the most Elvis' in a race!

There will also be a wedding chapel on the course..offering the ultimate in multi tasking, you can run a marathon and get married at the same time..only in Vegas!!

The marathon will be run around the famous Sunset Strip area and offers lots of entertainment along the way.

Marie flies to America on Dec 1st

Lazy Runner's First Tour- Solomon Islands

8 Lazy Runners from all over Queensland have been training for two months in preparation for the first Lazy Runner Tour to the Solomons Islands

We travel on the 14th of Oct to run the first ever half marathon in Honiara.
The course is said to be stunning and all along the coastline. However, humidity will be high, so Lazy Runners have included warm day time running into their training program. Luckily Queensland has had unseasonal warm Winter/Spring weather.

Three of the runners are from Mooloolaba, two from Mount Isa, one from Gladstone and two from Brisbane

Marie Bean started a running club in Noosa Heads , Queensland two years ago and called it Lazy Runner.

A small ad in the local paper attracted 10 runners. Now there are 7 Lazy Runner clubs across South East Queensland with over 150 members.

Lazy Runner is based on a fun, friendly way to learn to run or improve your running. Lazy Runners are all ages our youngest member is 16 and our eldest is in his seventies, both male and female.

Some Lazy Runners have never run before and are learning to run, others are training for marathons; some are training to run in their first fun run and others have joined just to lose weight or improve their fitness. Lazy Runner caters for everything.

Lazy Runner is based on two or three sessions a week per club. One is a coaching session which offers different types of running training, the other is a distance run, with the emphasis on runners improving their distance over a long course. Lazy Runner is conducted in some of Queensland most beautiful outdoor locations.

Lazy Runner Running Tours
Founder of Lazy Runner, Marie Bean has just branched into Running Tours. Marie Bean is the original Lazy Runner, she has run marathons on five continents (6th in the planning) and many, many races thoughout Australia. Marie places emphasis on fun, good training and safety when it comes to  travelling and running!

Lazy Runner Running Tours are a fantastic way for runners to get together with other runners to travel to some great places and run in Half Marathons, Marathons or Fun Runs. Lazy Runner tours are designed to be fun, easy and a safe way to travel to events, run and enjoy the whole experience.

Lazy Runner Tours are open to all levels of running, and not just Lazy Runners, non Lazy Runners from anywhere are invited to join in...non running friends or partners are also welcome on a Lazy Runner Tour.

The first Lazy Runner tour is to the Melbourne Marathon Festival in October, everything is included, from training programs, flights, meals, post race party and lots of fun...other tours to the Solomon Islands and Hobart are in the planning for 2009

Continent Countdown





Marie Bean, the founder, director and coach of Lazy Runner ran her first marathon in her forties in Melbourne and honestly thought it was one of those crazy, once in a lifetime achievements.

After that she relocated to Queensland and started a  running club in beautiful Noosa Heads. Word quickly spread and before she knew it she had clubs all around the Sunshine Coast. At the same time she liked the idea of traveling, something she had never done much of in her life.

Then suddenly an idea launched itself, she liked to run, she wanted to travel, she was a running coach..why not run a marathon in every continent. So that's where the story begins, from the Sunny Gold Coast, to hot and humid Bangkok, to forests in South Africa to minus ten degrees in England in the middle of winter...she has just completed her South American adventure by completing the rio martahon in June.

Her 6th conquest will be North America in December when she takes on Las Vegas in the colorful Rock and Roll marathon..and that only leaves the biggest, the remotest, toughest and most expensive Antarctica. Marie's blogs on her experiences have proved to be a real hit on the website, not only does she talk about the training she also covers all the highlights and lowlights of an aussie girl traveling the world on a small budget with a huge goal to achieve..please click on the pictures to read her Continental Countdown.

South America

North America




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