Running Ideas


Little Running Tips

Here are lots of little running tid bits that you may help....

I'm always saying little steps, little here is another reason why shortening your stride is better
*When runners shorten their stride during a 5km run, the impact from their footfalls is lowered which means that they drop their risk of bone damage by 33%

Compression garments do work
*Sprinters have reported 43% less soreness during a 24 hours of recovery from a sprint workout, than their counterparts who didn't wear the compression garments
* Runners who wear the knee high compression socks ran 6.1% faster on a treadmill than runners wearing normal socks
Running does make your bones stronger
*The bone mineral content in the Tibia (lower leg bone, shin) of a male sprinter is 15.2% higher (meaning stronger) than a sedentary male

Short interval Training does work
*Sprinting for 8 seconds and jogging for 12 seconds over 20mins, burns up to 5 times more fat than 40 mins of jogging at the one speed..see my whistle doesn't seem so bad now does it???

Running Backwards can Prevent Injury!!
*After being amazed by the backwards running marathon guy at Gold Coast this year, I have since found out that backwards running is good for you and can prevent injury. It develops more balanced, stronger, leg muscles..however I don't think that counts when you crash into somone or something because you cannot see where you are going!




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