Lazy Loser Workshops

Tired of all the confusion surrounding weight loss and fitness?

Want to know how fat or fit you really are? And how to manage those things yourself?

Would you like to find out what sort of Loser you are? Piggy? Moo? Sweet? Super? or Tipsy?

A Lazy Loser Workshop can help you achieve all of this in two hours

Two hour Workshop Includes

-A body composition test- get your own score and find out what it all means
-Find out your fitness levels- cardio- strength- and flexibility-easy and suitable for all ages, weights and fitness levels
- Get your own personalised results and find out how to improve your health and fitness in your own way
- Identify what type of loser you are and adjust your eating around a Lazy Loser plan
- Take home your  personalised scorecard and lots of advice and tips on how to become the Lazy Loser you want to be

All are welcome- regardless of fitness levels and size

Workshops are limited to 10- so make sure you book early to secure your spot

Body composition test will be done privately and all testing and results are given to each client on paper- confidentially is assured

Workshop costs $50 pre booked and paid or $70 on the day (if places available)- includes a copy of the new Lazy Loser Book

Cant get to a workshop?
Have a small group of buddies that would like to have your own Personal or small group Lazy Loser session?
This can be all arranged, just contact us to let us know what suits you
Individual Workshop- $100
2 person Workshop- $70 per person
4 person Workshop- $60 per person
6 person  or more Workshop- $50 per person
Each Lazy Loser will get a copy of the new Lazy Loser Book




Marie Bean has been a runner for many, many years and has been coaching runners for 7 years through her Lazy Runner clubs; there are now 10 across Australia.

Marie’s biggest claim to fame is thas in over 25 years and has never had one injury from running. Marie has run 12 marathons, 2 Ultra Marathons and too many to count half marathons and 10km events, not to mention the thousands of miles of training runs and not one running injury. How can that be you ask? She runs the lazy way!

Marie shares all here tips and tricks of the trade in her running workshops and coaching sessions, and they will work for you just as they have for Marie.



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