Germany's Best Running Events


Freiburg Marathon
, *Marathon

Konigsforst Marathon, Cologne *Marathon
Known as the Kings Forest Marathon, it covers two loops of  a forst nature reserve of over 2,500 acres. There is a half amrathon and a 10km and a 5km

Rund um das Bayer-Kreuz
This is a very popular 10km German race, in Leverkusen

Paderborner Osterlauf Half Marathon
This is Germany's oldest road race, and was first run in 1947. There is a 10km race as well

RheinEnergie Marathon, Bonn *Marathon

Mount Everest Stair Marathon, Saxony
Wrong country you say, no, this German race takes its name because the up and down combined would be the height of Everest, 8.848metres in total. But thats not up and down once, you climb up and down sandstone steps, 397 in all, lots of times, until you have done Everest. Long story short, its 79,400 steps altogether, luckily you can work in teams, or if crazy enough go solo, you have 24 hours to complete your climb. And if its disance you are interested in, you will have run 84.39 kms.

Marathon Dusseldorf

Hanover Marathon, *Marathon

Gutenberg Marathon, Mainz *Marathon

Marathon Wuerzburg, Bavaria *Marathon

Marathon Mannheim, *Marathon

Hamburg Marathon *Marathon
This is a very popular marathon, as it is scenic and takes you through the red light district of the city!

Rhein Ruhr Marathon, *Marathon

GutsMuths-Rennsteiglauf *Ultra
This Ultra Trail race of 72km is central Europe;s longest cross country race. There are shorter events as well, a 43km and a half marathon.

Regensburg Marathon
, Bavaria *Marathon

Munster Marathon
, *Marathon

Baden Marathon, Karlsruhe *Marathon

Marathon Bremin, *Marathon

Berlin Marathon , *Marathon
Known to be the fastest marathon in the world, six world records have been broken here since 1998. This marathon attracts over 40,000 competitors and it starts and finishes near the Brandenburg Gates, passing many historical landmarks

This staged race goes across Germany with the route changing every year. It covers 791km across 13 stages.

Hochfelln Berglauf, Bergen, Bavaria
This is Germany's oldest mountain race. It is 8.9km long with a 1,074 ascent, the fastest time clocked here was 40:28 in 2002

Zugspitz Ultratrail Grainau *Ultra
This ultra run covers 101km on Germany's highest peak, with a total climb of over 6,000metres. This event is for strong competitors only.  

Konigsschlosser Romantik Marathon
-Bavaria *Marathon
Translated it means Romantic Castles Marathon, and thats where the course takes you, past some of Bavarias most stunning royal castles. The route is road and forest, and the Bavarian countryside is just stunning.

This is a tough 11km run through the Bavarian Alps, with a 1,425metre ascent

Schauinsland Berglauf, Freiburg
This event is held in the famous Black Forest and run up Schauinsland Mountain, where the views from the top are stunning.
The run is 13km

Salomon 4 Trails
Transversing across the Alps of three countries (Germany/Austria/Italy) this race covers 150km in 4 stages.

Transalpine Run
Starting from Oberstdorf in Germany, this 250km trail run passes through Austria and Switzerland and finishes up in Latsch, Italy. Total ascent is 15,000 metres, and it is run over 8 stages.

Cologne Marathon
, *Marathon

Munich Marathon, *Marathon

Essen Marathon, *Marathon
This marathon is roun around the stunning Baldeneysee Lake. The scenic route is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Dresden Marathon, *Marathon

Frankfurt Marathon, *Marathon

Brocken Marathon-Wernigerode *Marathon
This is a mountain marathon, the Brocken is the highest peak in northern Germany's Harz Range. There is also a half marathon, and 11km and a 5km, plus two walks of 25km and 10km.

Sparkasse- 3 Country *Marathon
Want to run a marathon and visit 3 countries as well? Then this has your name on it! The marathon crosses the borders of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which all border Lake Constance. There is also a half and quarter marathon.

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