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Fitness Economics

Ever wondered how much it costs just to stay fit?

And what fitness activity is the cheapest or most expensive?

Below are averages of how much each fitness activity costs annually. Taking into account that you are a member of a club or association, that you have some form of coaching, that you need to spend some money on equipment and that you would enter an average of three events a year

The results are surprising to me…the sports that are relatively cheap to get involved in (cycling and Triathlon) end up costing more for all the equipment, specialised gear and repairs of same. Running has the cheapest equipment costs, but if you like to enter running events, they tend to be the most expensive, especially if it’s the marathons.

Swimming, as we know, needs very little equipment, but if you haven’t your own lap pool, the pool fees and squad classes add up (of course the beach is free!) .

The gym saves you on event entries, but the memberships and add ons end up costing quite a bit over the year.

Golf is a tough one as the green fees, memberships and lesson cost vary greatly between clubs.

Once again though, my favourite activity came out tops...and cheapest!

Running Costs

Shoes $150 to $250

Races $50 to $120

Lazy Runner- $400 per year average annual membership

Average annual cost for QLD runner, who is with Lazy Runner for a year, and enters three events (Gold Coast Marathon, Sunshine Coast Half, Bridge2Bris) and buys two pairs of shoes



Gear- Budgie Smugglers and Goggles $50-$100

Pool memberships- 12 month membership $350

Squad membership- $70 per month (2 visits per week)

Events- $30-$40

Average Cost for QLD Swimmer, who is a pool member for a year, attends 2 squad sessions a week for 10months and enters three events (Noosa Eyeline, Caloundra Open Beach Swim, Straddie Open Swim)



Gear – Road Bike- $1000-$3000, other gear $200-$500

Cycling Club memberships $200-$300

Events $50-$70

Average annual cost of QLD cyclist, who is a member of a cycle club, and enters three events (Noosa Century Cycle, Brisbane to Gold Coast Challenge, GC 100km Challenge) and has average priced bike and equipment and repairs allowance



Gear- Racquet $100- $200

Cross Training Shoes- $100-$150

Annual Memberships- $120

Competition- $5.50 weekly

Coaching- $30-$80 an hour

Average cost for QLD Tennis Player who plays in a weekly comp for 40 weeks, and has one hour of coaching a week for 20 weeks



Average QLD Gym membership- $68 per month

Gear- $200-$300

Personal Trainer sessions- $50 to $80

Other extra classes at gym- Zumba, Yoga, Pilates from $10-$20 per session

Average annual cost for QLD gym junkie, who has an annual membership and has one PT session per week or does one extra class for 20 weeks



Clubs and bag- $200-$1000

Green fees- $25- $150

Annual Memberships- $500- $2000

Lessons- $50 - $100

Average annual cost for a QLD golfer, who has an annual membership at a club, plays once a week, and has 5 lessons, includes half cost of clubs and other gear (assuming gear will last a few years)

$2490 Please Note: The price range for memberships and green fees and lessons vary greatly from club to club, this is a conservative figure


Gear- Bike $1000-$3000, other gear $500-$1000

Tri Club membership- $40

Tri coaching- $100 per month

Race Entry- $50-$200

Average annual cost for a QLD triathete , who is a member of a tri club, has three months of coaching, enters three events (Noosa Tri, Mooloolaba Tri and Gold Coast), includes half cost of all gear (assuming gear will last a few years)





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