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Welcome to Ballarat Lazy Runner,
come along anytime and join in and run the Lazy Way-
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Lazy Runner Ballarat is back bigger and better in 2016, If you would like to try out the "Lazy" way to run, come along, first session is FREE- Ballarat Lazy Runner is kicking off on the 5th January- see all days and meeting locations below...

Check out our great First Program of 2016- starting on 26th of Jan


Muck up Sesh's

Tuesday -6.30pm- 5th Jan 2016- Level 1, Norwich Plaza- Bridge Street; Ballarat
Look for Lazy Runner Sign

Thursday -6.30pm- 7th January 2016-Level 1, Norwich Plaza- Bridge Street; Ballarat

Look for Lazy Runner Sign

(These sessions are specific running coaching sessions that will improve your running, your cardio fitness; your running technique and style; and running strength- and really anything you want to improve or work on with your running -starts here. Muck Up Seshs are suitable for all levels of running ability, even beginners can come along- These sessions are different each week and if you have never had some running coaching- then you really should come along and check it out- you will be amazed)

Ho Hum Run

Saturday-10th January 2016-  7:45am- Level 1 Norwich plaza; Ballarat

(All Lazy Runners love the Ho Hum Run- its the day you just run- the distance and time you wish to run with your running buddies. Its a great session for improving your endurance or speed- so you can work on the same distance each week and work on improving your time- or you can increase your distances each week safely and with the group- not to mention getting a great view of our lovely city in the process. This is a fantastic session for beginner runners as the coach will set you on a run/walk program and help you to get running 5km in no time)

New in 2015!

Personal Running Coaching (contact Brett for individual pricing)

 You may want to have an individual program specially designed to your needs. You may want to learn to run first before your join in a running club. You may want to learn how to run faster to crack a race PB, or you may just want to run with a trainer so they can assess your running and give you some important tips on running to help you improve.

Small Group/Corporate Training (contact Brett for individual pricing)

Get a small group of like-minded friends, family or work mates together and book in some small intensive running training sessions. These sessions can run from one hour to 2 hours. They include running coaching sessions, personalised ongoing running program (for the days you are not with the trainer) and tips and advice on your running style.

Contact details: Brett Whitcher 0403605788

New coach for Lazy Runner Ballarat

Brett Whitcher is the new coach of Lazy Runner Ballarat.

Having been an active member of Lazy Runner Ballarat, for a number of years, Brett now has taken on the role of Coach.

Brett is a level 1 athletic coach who has completed a number of funs runs, obstacle races, and last year completed the Melbourne ½ Marathon.

Brett says: My passion is running and helping people to improve and achieve their running goals. Running and training solo can be difficult, but with a Lazy Runner Club u get to train with like minded people in a friendly and enjoyable environment.

Brett is seen below running past Bodyconnect Personal Training Studio where Lazy Runner Ballarat is based.



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