Runner's Muscles 


  These are a group of muscles that can be found in your inner, upper thigh. The word adduct means to draw a limb toward the body or to the centreline, and that is what the adductors do, they pull the leg back into the centre, sideways.

There are three adductor muscles, Adductor Magnus (big), Addcutor Longus (long) and Adductor Brevis (small)

They all originate from the pelvis and attach to the inner side of the femur

Not only do they move the leg to the centre, they also help to stabilize the hip joint

The adductors are a quiet bunch and are often overlooked when talking of leg muscles, but one way to know they are there is to sit cross legged on the floor and push your knees down, or better still try doing the splits!



Luckily runners do not injure their adductors much, most common injuries occur in competitive sports, such as football, hockey, basketball, tennis etc. The reason for this is often when there is an enforced push off on the side movement, or sudden shifts in direction. Other injuries can occur from jumping or overstretching, as in slipping and accidently going into the splits.

The common name for an adductor injury is a groin pull or strain. However, runners can get tightness in the adductors as the muscle can shorten and contract from over training, sprinting or sudden directional changes in running training can also pull in the groin.

Like most soft tissue injuries the severity of the strain or tear varies greatly. If it is torn you will feel very sudden sharp pain ,and may even feel swelling in the area and it is painful to touch, a mild strain can just present itself in tightness and usually is only felt once the run is over.

Treatment for a groiny!
As with most soft tissue injuries, the best first aid and immediate treatment is RICE,
Rest -stop running
Ice -ice packs on and off for 10mins at a time, not just for an hour, but on and off consistently or while sitting for 48hours
Light stretching
Anti infammatories
After 72 hours, you can try a light jog, but stop if the pain occurs again, stretch
Get back into running slowly and try shorter distances, interspersed with stretching once you have warmed up
Steer clear of speed work until groiny has fully recovered

Runners often overlook the adductors when it comes to stretching, but they respond well to stretches and should be included always in your cool down stretches

This is a great stretch for
the adductors. Reach down
and place both hands on the
ground or on a low bench
Keep both feet facing forwards,bend one knee and keep the other leg straight, lower yourself down to
the side, you will feel a strong stretch through your inner thigh
Make sure you keep both feet firmly on the ground and facing forward, do not let the straight legs foot roll off the ground. The more you lower yourself the stronger the stretch. Hold each stretch for 20-30secs
Repeat on other leg



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