9 Weeks To Go!
DISCLAIMER: This is not a marathon training program, it is my diary of what I plan to do to get me to run (all the way and finish)  the Auckland Marathon. Please feel free to take some tips and ideas from this diary, but it should not be used as a full marathon training program. There are several reasons for this; I have already run two marathons so I know what it takes to get me there, I was running a comfortable 12km before I started so I had a good base; I don't like to do a lot of training(i.e. Lazy Runner) and I've found I get too sore if I run too many kms in a week; I just want to finish the marathon and have a good recovery. Many marathon training programs would probably take 6 months and often have you running a lot more km's a week than I do..and that may suit a lot of runners, however I know what I need to do, and hopefully it will work for me again. If you want a marathon training program, I will be happy to devise one and help you with it, but as I've said it's a very individual thing and I hope you enjoy reading how I go about mine.

Monday 27th August-5.45am- Ran 15km's which took me 1.5hours. I ran two loops of Noosa-I ran to Weyba Road and then ran anti-clockwise the full circuit until I got back to my start point, one circuit is 7km and I figured it was half a km up to Weyba Road from my place and half a km back-15km's altogether. I found it OK considering I hadn't run that sort of distance since the Noosa Half Marathon in 2006! Hardest part was the second climbing of Noosa Hill, but everything else was OK. Just a sense of relief that I've finally started and now I know where I have to be in 8 weeks. I figure I need to climb from here to 30km in 6 weeks...aargh..that sounds scary. Next Monday I will try for 20km, quite a big jump but I felt Ok today and I have to start increasing the long run pretty rapidly.

Tuesday-Conducted a beach run for Lazy Runner but didn't do any running myself. The legs felt good today, didn't even feel like I'd run an hour and a half yesterday

Wednesday- Conducted two beach sessions in Noosa for Lazy Runner, joined in on a few sprints and some dry sand hill runs in the evening, probably about 30mins of hard stuff all up, it felt good and of course it was a lot of fun

Thursday-Conducted the Beach session in Coolum, joined in on a few sprints, legs a bit stiff from the beach stuff I did yesterday.

Friday- Social cross country run in Coolum, it was great, 45mins of easy running, pretty warm, even had to jump a fence (thanks Peter), so it was a real cross country!

Saturday- 45mins of very easy running in Mooloolaba

Sunday- 45 mins of easy running in Noosa

Assessment-I'm really happy with my official start week, the 15kms on Monday felt easy to me, so I'm happy to jump it up another 5km next week. I felt it in the front upper legs from the beach work, but apparently I got off quite lightly!, the easy runs are good and comfortable, but  I think I should be running a bit longer on those ones and maybe picking up some pace so that I get some strength in my legs, and a good cardio base.


8 Weeks to Go!

Monday 3rd September-5.30am- Now it's all coming back to me...I ran 2 hours 15 mins and it officially feels like I'm training for a marathon, there were plenty of groans and moans and 'what the hell were you thinking' , all going through my head. I estimated I ran 22km...or maybe that's wishful thinking..could of been 21. I ran down to Weyba Road, hid my powerade bottle in a bush on the river side, and then did the circuit of Noosa, this time I went clockwise, so hit Noosa Hill from the bad side..that bit was hard, I realised I've never run up that side before, I've always come the other way and ran down, no suprises as to why I've had a history of that..it's bloody hard. I got back to my drink bottle, figured I done about 7.5km,  I then ran up Gympie Terrace to the start of our long run point (the Yacht Club) most of that run I was sipping on my drink bottle, that bit was good, then I dumped the drink bottle and got serious again, I ran Noosa's long run coarse (to the Coastgaurd tower and back, 12km) and then I ran home, another half km. Funnily enough I struggled in the first hour had a good second wind after I had my drink, but then died a bit in the last half hour. It took me a long time so I was traveling really slowly and I felt it, and one stage I thought if I run any slower I will be going up and down on the spot, so I tried hard to pick it up. I was pretty buggered when I got back but, I was OK as soon as I'd had a few drinks and done my stretches. Feeling it in the hamstrings, and of course my signature foot pain came back to haunt me at the 2hour mark, it's been waiting for over a year to rear it's ugly head again, but it came back right on cue, in the left foot this time, usually it is in the right (nothing like sharing the pain around). Undiagnosed foot pain caused me a lot of trouble when I was training for the Gold Coast Marathon last year, every time I ran over 2 hours it would start and get progressively worse until, I was in agony, as soon as I stopped running the pain magically disappeared. I tried new shoes, socks, different running surfaces and nothing helped. I thought I wouldn't be able to complete the Gold Coast full and had told myself not to get my hopes up because I felt I would have to pull out. It was there during the race but not as bad as it had been in training, or maybe it was as bad, but there were so many other aches and pains that they may of distracted from it, either way I ran a good race and I was happy, but as I said it's obviously just been lying in wait for me to do something crazy, like run another marathon.

Tuesday 4th September- 'There is a God' at least that's what I was thinking when an even number turned up for hillsprints in Mooloolaba, meaning I didn't have to participate because the poor old legs were still feeling it from yesterday's run

Wednesday 5th September- Not so lucky today, an uneven number turned up for 6am hillsprints in Noosa and to make matters worse I partnered Richard!! and it was wet, cold and miserable, and we had the warm up from hell, the Viridian stairs..however I really enjoyed it, we did about 24hill sprints interspersed with recovery jogs. However, not so good for afternoon session in Noosa, the weather was horrendous, in fact the worse I've ever run in, I'm a Victorian so that is really saying something. We had to halve the hill sprints as it was pelting down, dark and slippery and to add insult to injury on the way back down the hill I slipped ended up on my back sliding down the hill like a waterslide(and no where near as much fun). I ended up with a bruised, sore bum but no major injury.

Thursday 6th September- Final hill sprint session in Coolum at 6am, the rain is torrential..and no one turned up..so back home to bed!

Friday 7th September- Lazy Runner's social run had it all this morning, beach, hills, stairs, paths that turned in to streams, gale force wind, cross country in fact it was all my Muck up Sesh sessions rolled into one, but it was great fun and the coarse was beautiful. Judy led us all the way and she did a fantastic job as the course was full of hazards, we ran for about an hour.

Saturday 8th September- easy 6km in Mooloolaba and 8km in Coolum, followed by an afternoon of eating and drinking anything and everything at Tina's in the afternoon..I wonder if I could compete in a food eating marathon rather than a running one, I don't seem to have any problems with the training for the former!!

Sunday 9th September- 8km flat run in Noosa

Total Kilometres-52

Assessment:I ran approx 52km's and that's not counting the hillsprints and I felt pretty good for it, bearing in mind that is a lot for this Lazy Runner. The only type of training I did for my last two marathons consisted of distance, distance and more distance. This time I'm adding variety, mainly due to the fact that it is a part of my job, but it will be interesting to see if the hard sessions make a difference to the way I run the marathon. I enjoyed the hill sprints and the cross country running, it eliminates the boredom and adds strength to my training program. Next week I need to increase my long run to 2.5 hours and I'm going to enter a 10km race in Brisbane to see if I can get some pace happening because I feel as if I running a very slow plod at the moment.

I always take a couple of supplements when I start increasing my training programs. One is the Co-Enzyme Q10 preparation, I started taking this years ago as it was recommended by a marathon runner to give extra energy, I think it helps, I certainly seem to lack energy when I stop taking it...so I assume it helps. It is not cheap, I usually only take one a day on average, but when I increase my running distance I take two a day, which I'm doing at the moment. The other is Bio Magnesium , I have a tendency of suffering from cramps which is always more severe when I'm marathon training, I get the cramps in my feet, I take two a day, I've been taking it again for a couple of weeks and I feel it is helping already.

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