7 Weeks to Go!

Monday 10th September- The song "I don't like Mondays" is a gross understatement for me at the moment, with Monday being the day of my long run, which has to get longer and longer each week. I ran 2.5 hours, hoping like hell it was 25km but I haven't measured part of the distance yet. I started at 5am, ran two loops of Noosa Waters from my place in Gibson Road, I'm hoping each loop was about 6km (maybe 5.5). I hid my drink bottle outside my place in a bush and grabbed it after the second loop. Then I ran to the Yacht Club on Gympie Terrace and ran Noosa's full course 12km and then home. Finished at 7.30am. I was fine and doing it quite easy for the first two hours and then bang...on Noosa Parade coming back everything started at once..the legs were over it, the back and groin were shooting some strange pains and the head...well it left the building 10km's back, but it decided to re enter and let me know what madness I was putting my body through, no one was on my side at that point, luckily I had only a half hour to run. I was pleased with my mental attitude near the end though..often when running on your own and not in an event it is very easy to take a shortcut, especially if you are close to home. Running along Gympie Terrace, Robert Street was looming large, if I turned up there it was a half a km home if I ran the full coarse (to the Yacht club ) it was 1.5km home, doesn't sound much but if you have been running since 5am and it is now 7.15, it feels like a mini marathon!! As Robert Street came closer I thought what the hell I'm knackered I'll take the short cut, but what do you know, I just kept running  straight ahead, my body was screaming "Turn, Turn, Turn you Stupid Bitch", but I put my head up, looked straight ahead, increased my stride and ran out the full coarse..just a little victory for my mind, but it will be the mind that decides how I get from 30km to the end in 7 weeks time.
Recovery was good, although I had a funny walk all day and a bit stiff the next day, no major aches or pains.

I'm trying to remember to drink more, so increasing my fluid intake daily, I'm not too worried about my diet yet, as I eat like a horse so I'm sure I'm getting enough nutrients and carbs in.

Tuesday 11th September- Nada, unless you call walking around the Mooloolaba scavenger coarse, sipping on a coffee at 6am, training....no I didn't think so

Wednesday 12th- walking around Noosa scavenger coarse sipping on a coffee at 6am!! However did ride my bike for an hour with the evening group, it felt good, such a nice change to be off the legs

Thursday 13th- Nada- Oh dear this is not good!

Friday 14th September- Power Walk thought National park at 6am for one hour; 45 minute run through National Park at 8.45. At least my jobs allow me to get some training in on the side.

Saturday 15th September- 6km light run in Mooloolaba, 6km light run in Coolum

Sunday 16th September- 10km River Run in Brisbane. A group of us went down and stayed the night in Brisbane and ran on Sunday morning. I really enjoyed it, great course, good company and...I ran my best 10km ever..amazing, since I hadn't trained for any speed at all since my last 10km in April. I felt good during and after which I never normally do when I try to put pace into my running...and there's more..I won a spot prize..first time ever..so a really good result.
Total Kilometres- 54

Assessment: A good week, I struggled on my long run but found some mental strength along the way: I didn't do much during the week, but fitted a lot in on the week end and ended up with a great run on Sunday. I'm giving myself a day off tommorrow and will run my first 30km the next Monday!

6 Weeks To Go!
Monday 17th September- So much for my day off, I decided at 5am maybe I should go for a little run even if I wasn't going to do the whole 3hours! So I ran with Richard at 6am for about 45mins...I think the three hour run would of been easier...he runs fast, so of course I had to run fast and I know in my heart of hearts that I'm not built for speed...but anyway as always it was one of those sessions that I feel so much better for afterwards...albeit a long time afterwards.
I know that I will not be running a lot of km's this week, so I've allocated this as my rest week. At anytime in a marathon training program....usually half way through , it is good to allocate a rest week..that doesn't mean you put the shoes away for a week, it just means you run what you would normally do if you were not training for a marathon. It's a good idea because if you don't take include a rest week in, I can guarantee that  a few weeks out from the event you are starting to feel tired, bored and you are just over running. I know that by next Monday I will be ready to kick the training up again and hopefully the body will be ready too. I knew I wouldn't be running at all for work this week, because of Interval training sessions going on, so the next run I will do will be the easy cross country on Friday and then three light runs with the groups on the weekend.
Tuesday 18th September- Nothing
Wednesday 19th September-Nothing
Thursday 20th September-Nothing...can you see a pattern forming here!!
Friday 21st September- 45minute cross country run up Mount Emu in Coolum. However, I get so precious when I'm training for a marathon that I'm constantly scared of injuring myself...so if I see a course that looks like I could slip (and believe me if someone is going to slip it will be me) I am very cautious, so this trek was more walk than run, especially coming down.
Saturday 22nd September- Nothing...because I was doing timing I didn't even run with the two groups
Sunday 23nd September--more Nothing!
Total Kilometres- About 17!!

Oh dear that can't be good 5 weeks out from a marathon.

Assessment: Ok enough is enough, I have to get back into it, this was a case of poor planning, I thought I would be running with the groups, so that I would get some Km's into my legs, but the interval training sessions and the timing sessions meant I didn't run at all, so it has left a huge KM debt in my training (not that I'm a big one at counting the Km's when training for a marathon, I usually just try to build times..but I didn't even do that this week.)

Action stations required...tommorrow...three hours of non stop running in the morning..a shiver just crept up my spine as I re read that statement..I hate the three hour run..I find them harder than the actual marathon, believe it or not. I need to do two three hour runs and the first one will be on Monday 24th September!!

I even went to the Plaza and bought myself an Ipod shuffle to get me motivated..it's the size of a 20cent piece and holds 240 songs..will that be enough for a three hour run? I asked my 13 year old to load some songs on it, I gave her two of my opera CDs to put on and then I told her to pick some random songs from her collection of hundreds on the computer and load them on to the shuffle...I told her to pick songs that she thinks I would like..so it will be very interesting to hear what goes screaming through the head phones in the morning!!

I have 5 weeks to go and in that time I need to run two 3hour runs.

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