100 Mini Running Tips

  1. Don’t run every day
  2. Only increase your distances by 5% weekly or half to one km
  3. Never ignore a niggle…its telling you something
  4. Change your shoes over regularly
  5. Get some running coaching
  6. Train with a buddy (or LR)
  7. Run on the left (Australia)
  8. Be nice out there
  9. Always remember what you started running for
  10. Always have a Big Finish, even if you are running by yourself
  11. Listen to your coach
  12. Run fast one day a week
  13. Enjoy your running
  14. Drink more water
  15. Stay safe out there
  16. Run in rain , hail and shine- you never know what race day will throw at you
  17. Everyone can run, every runner can run a marathon
  18. Marathon training and snooze buttons don’t mix
  19. Run your own pace in a race, don’t slow down or run too fast just because you are running with someone
  20. Never look back, always look forward
  21. Don’t worry about your breathing, its the one thing you don’t have to worry about, its automatic
  22. To be a runner you need to run 3-4 times a week
  23. Never run less than 5kms, not worth putting the shoes on
  24. Run a marathon once in your lifetime
  25. Take a drink at every drink station, even if you just wet your lips
  26. Lazy Runner says there are two legal stops in running, drink and shoelace tie up, all other stops are illegal
  27. Going to the toilet on a run Is an illegal stop
  28. Run up hills
  29. Don’t eat a curry the night before a race
  30. Stretch after a run…not before
  31. Cross train...on your non running days
  32. Ice a soft tissue injury immediately, and then 10mins on 10mins off whenever you can
  33. You don’t have to buy expensive running shoes, but make sure they are running shoes and always get fitted
  34. Only run in running shoes (except if you are into barefoot running!)
  35. Skins are great
  36. Every now and again, run without your watch, get out there and enjoy the view
  37. Never enter an event you haven’t trained for
  38. You are not going to love running all the time, that doesn’t mean you give up on it
  39. Running is the best cardio exercise you can do
  40. Running is not bad for you
  41. For beginner runners, when you have to walk, walk for only one minute, then run again
  42. You don’t need a runners body to be a runner
  43. Do the Warwick Pentath once in your running life..it is such a great event
  44. Run in another country
  45. About one in 8 runs is a bad run...no rhyme or reason, it just is
  46. Chase someone
  47. Reduce speed and distances in Summer-Heat stroke can kill!
  48. Never run long distance runs without knowing where you can get a drink
  49. Take some money in your back pocket
  50. Set some running goals for yourself
  51. Always run over the finish line, never walk it…or crawl it!
  52. Smile for every camera in all races, especially the official ones
  53. Say thank you to the race Marshalls, the drinks people and every helper in all races…race volunteers are the best
  54. Wave to all the roadside supporters  and give them a smile or a thumbs up when they say how well you are doing
  55. Sitting can kill you!
  56. Runners need to drink more water
  57. Run on the beach, just for the fun of it
  58. When you want to stop…DON’T
  59. Have two pairs of shoes on the go at once
  60. Never wear anything new in a race…that  includes undies
  61. To be an efficient runner you should include speed, strength and endurance into your running week
  62. Try to get off the concrete, it’s the hardest on the body
  63. 70% of runners injuries occur from the knee down
  64. 60% or your weekly fitness should be running, 40% should be some other form of exercise
  65. Land on the midsole of your foot…not the heel, not the toe
  66. Shorten your stride…smaller steps are more effective than big ones
  67. Hold your head high and look forward to where you are going (except in Cross Country running)
  68. Just because you are a runner doesn’t mean you can eat and drink whatever you want, you still need to eat right
  69. If you have an injury or aches or pains, your first port of call should be your doctor, they will assess and advise on the right course of treatment
  70. Beginners runners should start out slowly, the slower the better, as slow as you can run
  71. When puffed, don’t stop, blow out your dead air, three long slow breaths out, it clears out your lungs and lets you breathe normally again
  72. Recover on the down hills...enjoy them
  73. Wear sunscreen out there, and a hat
  74. Get off the road sometimes and run in the bush, although make sure you don’t go alone
  75. Don’t get obsessed with your running, it should be fun and you shouldn’t feel dead every time you are out there
  76. Get your gear out the night before and put it beside the bed
  77. Plan your daily runs, write them in your diary
  78. Enter events
  79. Make sure you have time to have a coffee after your run, often the only reason we are out there, is for the coffee afterwards!
  80. Talk about your running, boast about it….runners are very modest, tell everyone how good you are and that you are a runner
  81. Never Cheat on your runs, you are only cheating yourself
  82. Running is more effective than diet and some medications at reducing your blood pressure
  83. Running too much can make you sick- running over 80km a week, can double your risk of illness
  84. When running your arms should move in the same direction as your legs, going forwards, not side to side
  85. Long distance runners use their hamstrings more than another muscle group, so make sure you stretch all six of them after each run
  86. 80% of cramps are just from not drinking enough
  87. 1 in 80,000 runners die in a race!
  88. Don’t sit or lie down after a run, keep moving, walk, cool down, stretch
  89. When you are running, Ask yourself: "Can I give more?". The answer is usually: "Yes".
  90. "Dehydration is the biggest cause of injury"
  91. Obey all traffic rules when running, you are still a pedestrian
  92. Check your posture when running, head up, eyes looking forward, shoulders back and down
  93. Running takes energy, but them it gives it back, twofold
  94. Tie double knots in your shoelaces
  95. If running with music, only use one earphone, leave the closest ear to the road out
  96. Always have a  big finish
  97. Learn to love hills, they are not going anywhere, so you have to get over them, and they seem to pop up lots in running events
  98. Don’t go out too fast, pace yourself
  99. Eat foods that give you energy
  100. Just get out and go for a run



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